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Jingle and Mingle with the Tipsy Easel Artists!

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year! That’s right—it’s the Holiday season! Time for spending time with those we love, reflecting on The One who loves us the most and finding just the right gift for that special someone (or maybe a little treat for yourself!)
This year you may have noticed a few changes from Tipsy and we hope that they have been as exciting for you as they have been for us! We really wanted to do more  events each month to get to know our community a little better. This December we will be having a super-fun and unique shop-and-mingle event where you will basically be able to shop our walls and overstock of some of our fan favorites from our art classes throughout the year. We will also have local artists (some of our very own!) with their handmade arts and wares just in time for Christmas! We can’t wait to chat with you, rub elbows and show off some of our work that we are all so very passionate about! For more info please follow the event page here and we will be continuously posting more detailed info from now until the day of! See you there!

Year-round shower theme gets party-goers in on the fun!

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This party theme is one of our favorites! Each guest painted a door hanger for the bride and groom to have for their front door throughout the year and it’s changing seasons! What a creative way to have a truly unique shower! Take a peek at the pictures to see what all the fuss is about! For more information about our private parties, click here!

This nursery is super!

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This nursery is just the cutest. It is full of simple, yet cute details that Christen’s friends and family all took part in and that’s what makes it even more special.

This is her third kiddo and she didn’t necessarily need a bunch of new baby things, so we thought we could come together as a group and create some custom art for her nursery that would also be useful later on down the road as he gets older.

Jacque and I and a few of our other friends threw Christen a baby shower at Tipsy!

Her nursery theme is super heroes and I sketched out several canvasses and then a group of about 12 of us got busy painting them all up for her nursery. We had so much fun making these and laughing and celebrating Christen at her shower!

Here is a little extra info about the nursery…

When Christen was still in the hospital having baby number three, our friend Megan and I had been planning a surprise! We know how it can be when you are trying to do ALL THE THINGS with kids underfoot so we decided to put some finishing touches on the nursery while she was away! We had so much fun planning and sneaking around! We brought in the glider rocker and shelf and I made some super hero themed blankets and we decorated with some other fun elements. (Also check out the ridiculously “sweet” doorhanger we surprised her with! I totally wanted to keep it for myself after I finished it! Ha!)

Take a look around (and enjoy the adorable squishiness of her newborn!)